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Price List

Small Ceramics

Looking for something small to make your own? Paint a small ceramic your way!

Regular Ceramic

Pick any one of our regular size ceramics to paint however you choose.

Large Ceramic

Pick one of our large piggy banks or a custom bobble head and we provide the photo!

Extra Large or Custom

Price Varies

String Art
String Art Project

Often referred to as pin-and-thread art, string art is an addicting artform that is inviting to the most experienced crafter and the newcomer alike. Through the creation of intricate designs, crafters turn a plank of wood into a work of art.String art designs are not only fun projects but they are even better gifts.

Kid's Canvas

Choose from one of over two dozen pre drawn templates or have our artist template something custom for only $3 more.

Acrylic Paint Pour
Acrylic Pour

You've spent hours on YouTube watching the videos. You supply the creativity and we'll provide the colors and clean up the mess!

Add $5 to price of any canvas 

Crayon Melt Art
Crayon Melt Art

Use crayons for something other than coloring the mat at Eat N Park. Make a work of art with patterns like hearts, rain etc. 

Add $ to any canvas price

Fairy Projects
Fairy Jars

Our DIY Fairy Lights transform ordinary mason jars into a magical fairy-tale experience! We supply the small light bulbs, and you get to create your very own enchanting scene inside with a captivating fairy silhouette. Ideal as a bedside lamp, a magical night light, or a charming piece of outdoor decor, these fairy lights add a sprinkle of enchantment to any space. Get ready to experience the joy of bringing a piece of fairyland into your home with our DIY Fairy Lights!

Moon Tiger Board Fundraiser

Moon Tiger Board Fundraiser


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